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Thai Restaurant Dubai

It was a great experience at Tuc Tuc restaurant, three of us were in Sustainable City so we decided to go and try the food and drinks. The perfect ambience, food for all types of tastes, is very quickly served, and the bubble tea and coffee are just amazing. So many options, hard to say which one is the best, anything with spicey chicken would be my choice. The Thai Restaurant Dubai is in a very nice area.

The staff were so nice and caring, whoever has the Platinum card has a discount. Also, they were very professional and helped us to decide what we could have, so many vegan options are included there. Recommend going and trying the food and drinks, simply amazing, the best Thai food in Dubai.

We were told that there's one more Tuc Tuc restaurant in the Garwood area, so next time we will go there Vegetarian options: There are so many vegan and vegetarian options, you will see them on the menu. Dietary restrictions: We were asked if someone is allergic to something and if we need detailed descriptions of the food. Parking: Nearby there's a parking, from there a minute's walk to the restaurant.

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