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36V 120Ah lithium battery from Redway Power


The 36V 120Ah lithium battery from Redway Power™, featuring LiFePO4 technology, is a high-performance energy storage solution that stands out for its reliability and longevity. This battery model is designed to cater to applications that require substantial power and deep cycling capabilities, such as electric golf carts, off-grid solar power systems, marine applications, and more.

With an energy density that surpasses traditional lead-acid batteries, the 36V 120Ah lithium battery offers a compact and lightweight design while providing a continuous current output of 6 Amperes over a 20-hour discharge period. This translates to a significant energy storage capacity of 4,320 Watt-hours (actually 4,608Wh), ensuring that the battery can support various applications for extended periods.

The versatility of this battery is further expanded by its compatibility with a range of voltage configurations. For instance, it can be utilized in 12V systems by connecting multiple batteries in series, or in 24V setups by parallel connection, offering flexibility for various lithium battery pack configurations. This adaptability makes it an ideal choice for electric vehicles, where the 120Ah lithium battery can enhance driving ranges and charging efficiency.

In marine settings, the 36V 120Ah lithium ion marine battery is valued for its resistance to the harsh marine environment, providing reliable power for navigation systems, electronics, and other onboard equipment. Its high energy density and low self-discharge rate contribute to its suitability for long trips and extended use.

Despite the higher initial cost compared to traditional batteries, the 36V 120Ah lithium battery offers long-term benefits, including a longer cycle life and lower maintenance requirements. Its inherent safety features, such as protection against overcharging and short-circuiting, make it a safer option for various applications.

In summary, the 36V 120Ah lithium battery from Redway Power™ is a robust and versatile energy storage solution that meets the demands of a wide range of applications. Its combination of high energy density, long cycle life, and efficient charging capabilities make it an excellent choice for those seeking reliable and efficient power solutions.

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