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Packers unveil wild throwback uniform th

I don't usually plan  Jimmy Smith Jersey my entire life around preseason football, but I'm going to this weekend. For the first and only time all year, there will be FIVE STRAIGHT DAYS of football.Will all my friends stop talking to me when they find out I canceled our weekend plans to watch preseason football? Probably, but it's a risk I'm willing to take.The preseason fun starts tonight with the traveling to Philadelphia (7:30 p.m. ET, NFLN). This should be an exciting game and that's mostly because not only will we get to see the continued QB battle between and , but we'll also get to see get some serious playing time for the . I will put my 1-0 preseason picking record on the line by taking New England to win 20-17.After tonight, there will be two games on Friday, followed by 10 games on Saturday, two games on Sunday and one game on Monday. Again, that's FIVE STRAIGHT DAYS. That's enough preseason talk for now though, let's get to the rundown where we'll take a look at the new throwback uniform and we'll also unveil our All-NFC team.  As always, here's your weekly reminder to tell all your friends to sign up for the Pick Six newsletter. To get your friends to sign up, all you have to do is with them.It's officially "Nerd Week" on the Pick Six podcast, which is our way of saying this is the week where we bring people on the show who are smarter than us. For today's show, Will Brinson was joined by R.J. White of and the two took a deep dive into the AFC and NFC South. Using analytical data, the two made predictions on the win totals for each team in both divisions and they also tried to figure out how each division will play out.AFC SOUTHIn the AFC South, R.J. is all over the . has an over/under of 9.5 and White is going to pound the over and he doesn't care whether the have or not.   "I would take the over either way," White said. "I liked it already. I thought the Titans were going to win 11 games or so when we knew Carson Wentz was healthy. If Wentz mi ses one of their matchups, then I give them 12. We'll see if that makes a big difference, but I would take them either way."The Colts and Titans play each other in Week 3, so there's definitely a chance that Wentz could mi s the game. Although the  Robert Griffin III Jersey Colts are optimistic that he'll be back on the field sooner rather than later -- and there's even a chance he could be ready for the opener -- he could mi s the first month of the season if he comes back just halfway through that five to 12 week recovery timeline he was given a few weeks ago (If he's out the full 12 weeks, he wouldn't return until Week 8).NFC SOUTHAs for the NFC South, White is high on the , despite the lo s of Drew Brees. White thinks gives them a better chance to win  NFL Baltimore Ravens Jersey this year than and if Winston is the starter, White thinks the Saints will go over/under total of nine wins.  "Yea, Brees is gone, but his absence didn't slow the Saints down the past couple of years," White said. "They went 8-1 with backup quarterbacks over the past two seasons . They have an excellent offensive line. They had an excellent defense last year -- they lost a few pieces -- but have players like , , , that keeps their floor high, so they're not going to fall apart on defense. I think you're really betting on Sean Payton here.... He should be able to get to 10 wins with this roster."How do Brinson and White feel about the other NFC South teams? You'll have to listen to find out.To listen to today's episode -- and to subscribe to the best daily NFL podcast out there -- .  The Packers have apparently decided to take the "Green" part of " " extra seriously this year and we know that because they unveiled a new throwback uniform on Thursday that's ALL GREEN. The Packers have worn throwback uniforms before, but surprisingly, this will mark the first time that they've worn a throwback uniform that includes any green.Over the past 30 years, whenever the Packers have worn throwback uniforms, they've , which are are blue and gold.Here are , which is definitely not blue and gold:  The Packers are throwing back to the uniform that they wore between 1950 and 1953. However, the team did note that the new look isn't an exact replica of those older uniforms. The new look was inspired by those teams from the early 1950s.The biggest change will be the fact that the team is getting green pants. The Packers will be dumping their yellow pants and wearing green ones to match their green jersey tops. Basically,  Maurice Canady Jersey they will be wearing all green, which means this uniform combination could also double as an awesome St. Patrick's Day costume.The stripes on the jerseys will also be changing. The Packers usually have two gold stripes on their sleeves with striped sandwiched in the middle, but for the throwbacks, they'll be dumping the white stripe.You and if you do click over, the first thing you'll probably notice is that it looks like the Packers are borrowing their new uniform from the .It's not clear how many times the Packers will be wearing their new throwback, but we do know that the uniform will be making its debut on Oct. 24 in a Week 7 home game against .When Aaron Rodgers held his back on July 28, he casually mentioned that he had thought about retiring instead of playing for the Packers this year.  So how close was he to actually retiring?The Packers quarterback offered a few more details on the this week and apparently, he was on the fence about ."I mean, I felt going into the weekend before camp that I was 50/50," Rodgers said. "I don't care if people don't believe that. That's true. There were some things that got me to 50/50 for sure, and you know I spent a couple of days in silence and meditation and contemplation and really felt like that I should come back. There's a lot of opportunities for growth and exciting things in Green Bay and that felt like the right thing to do."Also, he gets to wear those sweet new throwback uniforms and I'm not saying that's why he came back, but getting a chance to wear an awesome new uniform would definitely be enough to lure me back.  In other Aaron Rodgers news:The quarterback doesn't want a farewell tour. There's a good chance that the 2021 season could be Rodgers' final year in Green Bay, but despite that, the reigning NFL MVP made it clear .Rodgers explains all that stuff. Last weekend, Rodgers used his Instagram account to stump for Clay Matthews. The quarterback wanted to see the Packers bring his ex-teammate back to Green Bay. Although it seemed like a demand, Rodgers cleared a few things up this week and said that he was just having . As for when you'll get to see Rodgers play in a game, that won't be coming until Week 1 because the Packers have decided that he won't be taking any snaps during the preseason.If you're wondering how good the are going to be  Earl Thomas III Jersey this year, all you have to do is take a look at our All-NFC South team. J

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