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Top NFL players by jersey number From Ky

The 2021 NFL season is finally in sight. But this year, unlike seasons past, players may be wearing jersey numbers unfamiliar to even trained eyes. Thanks to loosened restrictions that enable different positions to rock single digits starting this fall, some of the league's top talent will be sporting a new look. With that in mind, we decided to revisit every single number -- from 1 to 99 -- and identify the best player set to wear each one going into the 2021 campaign.Let's get right to it, starting from the top at No. 1:Lots of good candidates for future years: , , . For now, Murray brings the most pop and proven production to the table.Once reserved for kickers, punters and the occasional QB, this number is now loaded Eddie George Jersey  with skill talent. , , and are honorable mentions. Other notables: , , .No debate. And no real competition, either.This would belong to if it weren't for the ma sive uncertainty surrounding the QB's career.  Talk about a major talent infusion for the No. 5, which is otherwise owned by mid-tier QBs like and .Names to watch down the road: LB and new WR .  Just not a ton of competition for a great number. CB and RB are other considerations.Jackson will probably own this as long as he suits up, but there's a decent well of future talent: WR , CB , TE and WR .Drew Brees' reign is over. You could make a case for the upside of QB here.  Man, this is close. QB and Cardinals WR are equally as spectacular at their respective peaks. A year from now, Herbert might be the no-brainer. Others to watch: and .Julio Jones Lite. Make that two Titans pa s catchers in the first 11 numbers.This went to in 2020. A-Rod is still more physically gifted, but how can this not be Brady, who refuses to age and/or stop delivering when it matters most? This is his number. is too banged up to retain this. Altogether, it's a treasure trove of wideouts: , Odell Beckham, , Taywan Taylor Jersey  , , .  Only offers competition here.And he is real competition for the all-time owner, five-time NFL champion Bart Starr.Still doesn't get nearly enough credit for his production.This is a tough call, with Bills QB emerging as a top five playmaker at his position. For now, the nod goes to the longer track record, with Adams clearly among the game's best No. 1 wideouts. works as well.When he's healthy, he'll give you more fight and crunch-time results than most of the other options here, all of which are good: , , .  This once belonged firmly to Ramsey (now No. 5). It deserves more competition.Not a ton of other options. Zeke needs a big year to confirm he remains a top 10 ball-carrier. is more versatile, but Henry is more fearsome.The most elite cover man in a decent crop of them: , III, , , .Close call with a bunch of top-flight corners, including , and .   run is over. Howard is motivated after several years of top production on the outside.His health this year will go a long way in determining whether he remains the top dog in 2022. Other names to watch: , , .A good, solid secondary number, with and other considerations.  He brings more explosivene s when healthy than fellow RB .A pretty uninspiring number, as Cohen is coming off a lost season. , and are alternatives. is awesome for the Chargers when healthy, but Bates has quietly emerged as a steady playmaker.Look out for . down the road.Apparently the 30s are made for rangy safeties. Seahawks RB gets honorable mention.   once looked like a lock here. Now, there's no question: Cook is one of the NFL's premier playmakers.Somehow, he's held this spot for years on end. and are your other options.Underrated player. Eagles backup is the only true competition.Another quiet standout in Baltimore.He's as the headliner of New England's backfield.Not a popular number, but Carrie has fared well in a tough Colts secondary.Few defensive backs have hovered around the ball as well.The youngster is due for an expanded role in Baltimore's stingy "D."When you're one of the NFL's most Harold Landry Jersey  slippery and explosive ball-carriers, you can make any number look cool.  An oft-overlooked piece of Baltimore's NFL-pacing rushing attack. is another name to watch, so long as his 2020 wasn't a flash in the pan.Who said No. 1 corners can't wear jerseys in the 40s?You can also argue for , who appears to have the higher ceiling after a promising postseason.The longtime snapper for field goals in Baltimore, he's entering his 12th NFL season.He hasn't been nearly as good as his numbers suggest, but he's still a proven inside starter.Let's see if his Steelers ascension can translate to the Titans' front.He's still got things to prove, but you can do a lot worse at this position (and jersey number).If he can stay healthy, he should anchor Tampa Bay's Super Bowl-caliber front.He brings the most potential to a New York pa s rush group that needs his help immediately.Still a terrorizing presence for offensive lines. Look out for Washington rookie down the road.One of the nastiest, most reliable players at his position.Just an absolutely loaded number, with a handful of elite linebackers: , , , .Take your pick of any premium defensive starter: , , , , .Few offensive linemen are as powerful and reliable.Maybe one of the most underrated up-and-coming linebackers in the NFL Ryan Tannehill Jersey . is probably interchangeable here (and certainly has the all-time edge), but Barrett is still just hitting his prime.Green Bay should be a nice fit after a detour in Arizona.Pave the way for Henry.Murray is thankful for his arrival.The run on centers continues. Kelce remains ever athletic and feisty.Maybe the Chargers' best addition of 2021.You could form a whole All-Pro O-line with all these centers in the 60s!Prone to injury and slip-ups, he's still one of the game's best right tackles.Not nece sarily elite, but a solid starter for a championship lineup.Nothing special here, but Pugh has experience on Arizona's revamped front.One of several underrated pieces on Detroit's O-line.This man helps keep Rodgers happy.Still one of the game's top interior blockers when he's on the field.One of the biggest, baddest blind-side blockers when healthy. is a nice 1A. Jr. is a name to watch, too. and also warrant consideration as top tackles.Rams OG is a name to keep an eye on down the road.Another rock-solid piece of a championship front. The Packers' is also on the rise.Tough call between him and Washington Pro Bowler . Adam Humphries Jersey  Both guys are maulers for good O-lines.There's a reason Wilson wants Seattle to pay him.Lots of good blockers here, when they're healthy: , , .The Colts' and Browns' could easily be slotted in here as well. is honorable mention.For a prime WR number, No. 80 is sorely lacking starting-caliber options outside of the Browns' sure-handed target.Only , and offer competition. Another underwhelming crop for a big WR number.Perhaps another breakout is in store for Thomas, who just edges and . is probably still underrated, but Waller is now one of the steadiest pa s targets in the entire NFL. Jr. might be due for a big year in Minnesota, but Davis

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