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Omegle: Talk to Strangers & Free Alternative App gives you real freedom with online socializing — you decide who you chat with, what you discuss, and how long the conversation lasts. However, we ask you to follow a few simple guidelines. Please familiarize yourself with these rules before starting your journey. If you encounter inappropriate behaviour or if someone is troubling you, report it to our moderators. In the app, you can also instantly block these users by tapping the flag icon. You can unblock them once they send you apologies or some flowers.

Omegla is a video chat platform where guys are looking for girls and vice versa. By indicating your gender, you increase your chances of meeting people of the opposite sex. Your choice remains hidden to other users, but remember, simply selecting 'female' will not increase your encounters with more girls. Many random chat platforms promise to connect you exclusively with female users, often for a fee. However, we believe such a feature doesn't necessarily encourage more women to participate in the chat. Instead, it creates intense competition among men who select the "girls only" option. We don't make false promises, and we leave it to chance to decide whether you will chat with a girl or a guy next.

As's popularity soars, many YouTubers are using our random chat to create engaging content. The more time you spend on our platform, the higher your chances of encountering a well-known internet figure, or even a YouTube celebrity. We also occasionally invite famous internet personalities to engage in random video chats with our users. Any time works! The number of online users may vary depending on the time of the day, but video chat is usually crowded day and night with strangers chatting non-stop. As a rule, Friday nights and weekends are when most people use random chats.

If you notice a stranger violating the rules with inappropriate behaviour, please click the report button. Our moderators track complaints and ban people whose behaviour is anyhow abusive. Simply enable the text message translation feature in the video chat settings. This feature translates every message you type, breaking down language barriers between you and your interlocutor. Due to the anonymous nature of our video chat, we don't track previous connections. We neither store logs nor text messages once you get disconnected. Therefore, the only chance to meet again is to surf through the users until you see each other. The odds are high if your previous interlocutor makes the same effort in finding you.

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