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wholesale Dual Head Integral Reflector Surgical Lamp

wholesale Dual Head Integral Reflector Surgical Lamp  Our History
In September 1998, Mr. Kong Xiangyun, who had made many meritorious contributions in the 50th Aviation Division of the Air Force, established his first medical device Co., LTD. Under the condition of the establishment and exploration of private medical products at that time, Mr. Kong Xiangyun, with the sunshine and tenacity of a soldier, persevered in the arduous entrepreneurial journey. "Soldiers have no difficulties." This familiar barracks slogan is like a loud bugle call, inspiring companies to charge to new positions all the time.
In July 2015, due to the development needs of the company, the company started [Shandong Mingxu Medical Equipment Co., LTD.]
Our Factory
Shandong MingXU MEDICAL Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Shandong Qufu City west development zone Jinlan Road 88, is approved by the state food and drug administration department, in the state administration for industry and commerce registered capital of 11.6 million yuan to establish a medical, medical equipment based professional management company. The main products are ICU suspension bridge, medical hanging tower, LED shadowless lamp, electric operating bed, operation shadowless lamp, operating bed, electric hospital bed, Shadowless lamp, medical bed, operating table, etc. We can specially design and process more beautiful and practical products according to the needs of customers, which have been praised and universally praised by customers.
Our Product
The main products are ICU suspension bridge, medical hanging tower, LED shadowless lamp, electric operating bed, Operation shadowless lamp, operating bed, electric hospital bed, Shadowless lamp, medical bed, operating table.
Product Application
ICU suspension bridge (dry and wet separation) is used in ICU ward of hospital. It is a necessary medical rescue auxiliary equipment in modern intensive care unit. It is mainly composed of bridge, dry section and wet section.
The medical crane is an indispensable air supply medical equipment in the modern operating room of the hospital. It is mainly used for terminal transfer of medical gases such as oxygen supply, suction, compressed air and nitrogen in the operating room.
LED Shadowless lamp is composed of multiple lamp holders in the shape of petals, fixed on the balance arm suspension system, stable positioning, can do vertical or circular movement, can meet the needs of different heights and angles in surgery.
Bed by hydraulic power, electric operation by the control switch, speed regulating valve and solenoid valve control structure of the main body, through the electric hydraulic gear pump with hydraulic power source, control the bidirectional hydraulic cylinder reciprocating motion, and through the handle button control operation bed for a variety of position transformation, so as to meet the requirement of operation.
Operating shadowless lamp is a special equipment that adjusts the Angle of the lamp or the Angle of the polished reflection surface to a kind of annular illumination, so as to achieve the dark shadow or dead Angle formed by the convex and concave structure of the irradiation site, and become a uniform picture to provide illumination for the operation area.
The operating bed, also known as the operating table, can support the patient during the operation, adjust the position according to the needs of the operation, and provide a convenient operating environment for doctors. The operating bed is the basic equipment of the operating room.
Electric bed: The electric bed can be adjusted to improve patient comfort when lying flat or with head or feet raised.
Medical bed is short for special hospital bed, which is used in hospitals, nursing homes, community outpatients and other places. The production of medical beds is in strict accordance with the national standards, but its function and structure are relatively simple, basically in line with the needs of all medical institutions, but it is not suitable for family use.
An operating table is a platform for performing surgery and anesthesia.
Our Certificate
The company has a perfect quality testing system and strict standard quality assurance system, successfully passed and run the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification and ISO13485:2016 medical device management system certification, with a high enterprise, product visibility and reputation.
Production Equipment
High precision injection molding machine, Large stamping machine, Welding robot hand, Automatic numerical control laser cutting machine.
Production Market
Our products have been exporting to tens of countries and regions such as mid-east, southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America eta, which enjoy good reputation in the field.
Our Service
The PRODUCT TECHNICAL SERVICE DEPARTMENT of the company has full-time engineers to provide all-day hotline service, responsible for providing users with technical support and after-sales service in order to provide relevant users with timely and effective time. Record the feedback and handling process until the customer confirms the problem is solved. Warranty scope is the company to provide customers with products.
The warranty period of the equipment shall be one year after the acceptance of the product and the acceptance of the equipment. Provide complete operation instructions, maintenance manuals and maintenance related technical documents and other documents, do not conceal the technical details related to maintenance.wholesale Dual Head Integral Reflector Surgical Lamp

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